Quick & Healthy Meals

Life's busy and we're always on the run (hey Beyoncé reference) but eating healthy, delicious meals regularly will help give your body the energy it needs for those busy work weeks. I have 2 recipes down below that are perfect for an easy lunch or dinner. I don't have an exact measurement for each item in either recipe, I usually eyeball all the materials according to the amount of mouths to feed :). If the materials are already available/prepped ahead of time, the prep time for both dishes is about 5-10 mins tops.  Enjoy & Bon Appétit! xo

Spring chicken + mango salsa quesadilla

materials: 2 flour tortillas / diced olives, onions, tomatoes / corn starch / boneless chicken 
2 eggs / 2 green onions / 2 lemon or lime / pepperjack cheese / 1 mango & 1 avocado /  nonstick spray  / 1 pan 

prep: 1) chop the boneless chicken into small square/cubed pieces. wash in vinegar, rinse, add garlic salt and pepper to taste. turn your fryer on to 375 degrees or start heating a pan w/enough oil to fry (for later).
2) mince the green onions + mix with corn starch, roll the chicken around till fully covered; then dip the chicken pieces into a bowl of egg, covering the chicken pieces (you can re-dip the chicken in corn starch for a thicker crust and back into the egg mixture)
3) fry the chicken pieces for about 3 mins
4) start cube dicing the onions, tomatoes, avocados and mangos for the mango salsa.
5) mango salsa: combine the cubed avocados, mangoes, tomatoes and onions, add 1 lime/lemon (according to taste) and mix into a bowl. {you can make as much mango salsa as you'd like. i always like to make extra to dip chips in}
6) take the 2 slices of pepperjack cheese and fold diagonally to get four triangle pieces.
7) place 2 pieces on one side of the flour tortilla, add the mango salsa, olives & the spring chicken. personally, i like to chop little green onions on top as well. place the remaining 2 triangle slices of pepperjack cheese on top and finish with the flour tortilla.
8) spray nonstick spray onto a clean plan and grill your quesadilla to liking.

add restaurant style tortilla chips and use the remaining mango salsa to complete the meal!

Classic Indian Chicken roll

materials: sliced green bell peppers + onions / boneless chicken / chicken 65 masala / 1 flour tortilla or 1 malaysian paratha / nonstick spray or olive oil /  tamirand chutney / 1 pan 

prep: 1) chop the boneless chicken into small square/cubed pieces. wash in vinegar, rinse, add garlic salt and pepper to taste. 
2) take your chicken tandoor or chicken 65 masala packet and add to the chicken, let it marinate for 30 minutes to an hour while placed in the fridge (masala packet can be found at indian grocery stores)         
3) thinly slice the green bell peppers and red/white onions, toss some olive oil into a pan and grill these to liking. heat your fryer to 365 degrees and start cooking the chicken tandoori.
4) remove the grilled bell peppers + onions into a bowl and cook your malaysian paratha or heat up your flour tortilla 
5) take any sauce of your choosing, i use a spicy tamarind chutney my mom makes from scratch. this will also taste great with a green chutney, ranch, or hot sauce of your liking. 
6) place the malaysian paratha or flour tortilla in a plate, add the chicken tandoor, onions & bell peppers and drizzle the sauce of your liking overtop. 

some items found at the indian grocery stores: