Indian Healing Clay Honey Mask

The mask queen in back! :) How about a nice spa day in the comfort of your own home?So ya'll know how much I love to experiment with masks and I just have to share this pretty amazing mask that contains everything found in your kitchen pantry [plus, my fav natural clay mask-Aztec Secret Healing Indian Clay Mask which can be ordered HERE]. This mask contains a few super ingredients that have been used by many women is the past for centuries[heyyy nani-ma/grandma...jk ;) although I am pretty positive she probably used many of these ingredients back in her day too]. 

Honey, apple cider vinegar, and turmeric are the new add-on ingredients in my original Aztec clay mask that I had previously posted about Here

Oh Honey! :) I have used honey on my face before because of its powerful and beneficial properties. Before making this mask, I used to apply plain honey to my bare face and let me tell you was amazing to my skin! According to my research, honey contains many vitamins, enzymes and anti-bacterial properties that are wonderful for the skin. It has never caused any harm to me but instead, has always left my face feeling super soft and looking radiant. I only use "raw" or "unrefined" honey on my face btw. Of course everyone has their own preferences but I have read many times that the darker the honey, the more antioxidants it contains. In my opinion, to get the best results, raw/unfiltered is usually the best way to go when looking for honey to put on your face! I use this one HERE.

Apple cider vinegar, an ingredient that I have always been a little skeptical towards due to its acidic properties is actually a pretty amazing ingredient. This super liquid is great for hair, digestion, and SKIN. According to WebMD,"Apple cider vinegar is fermented juice from crushed apples". Although I don't like eating raw apples, I do love cooking with them because of their awesome benefits. Check out my baked apple pastry recipe here. So there was no doubt that I wanted to know more about this vinegar. Apparently, apple cider vinegar is used alone or with honey for osteoporosisweight loss, leg cramps and pain. It is also known to help upset stomach, sore throats, sinus problems, high blood pressure, arthritis. It is used to help rid the body of toxins, stimulate thinking, slow the aging process, regulate blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, and fight infection....waoh! Information overload huh? Thanks (WebMD)! My favorite benefit of apple cider vinegar is that it helps the skin by preventing acne and can also be used as a facial toner to help even out skin tone (Although I do enjoy my pure rose water toner from time to time instead...because it smells way nicer than apple cinder vinegar lol).  There is not cider vinegar is STINKY. My husband HATES it when I do this a point that he makes me sit far away from him as I wait for the mask to dry on my face LOL. Also, don't spill this stuff! I accidentally spilled the bottle in my bathroom and it made my bathroom stink for literally two days! 

Turmeric/Haldi is the third ingredient in this mask.  In India Turmeric is known as ‘Haldi‘.  It is a significant part of many Indian or Hindu customs and traditions including weddings. Indians LOVE their haldi! As a child, whenever I caught a cold, my parents would give me milk with turmeric mixed in it...sometimes egg yolk mixed in it too (omg YUCK but it always healed my cold!) My mom (who happens to have amazing skin btw, m'A!) and many other southeast Asian women have used this powder not only in their delightful recipes but also in their beauty routine! When I was in my teens, my mom would occasionally make me wash my face with a haldi and garam flour (chana atta) paste and I vaguely remember liking it waaaay back then. In my recent adult years when my skin became a little bipolar, I started to shy away from things such as turmeric/haldi and garam flour or basically any other natural product (except for rose water and egg whites of course). Then about a year ago, one of my best friends (waves to Zee) bounced on the DIY mask train and tried out a mask that she added haldi/turmeric to and didn't have a single negative thing to say about it. Although she naturally has pretty awesome skin (m'A!), I believed in her recommendation. I decided to give it a try about twice at that time and remember my skin feeling very soft and really liking it! It brought back my childhood memories of my mom making me "pastes" for my face lol. SO...when I got this aztec clay, I knew I HAD to add turmeric to my mask concoction. Also, just FYI, turmeric is very staining. Make sure you wear an old t-shirt and wash it off right away if any gets on your white sink. Whenever I do this mask, I literally have a light yellow toned face the next day at work (lol) but it doesn't bother little kiddos probably don't even notice, ha! If this is a problem for you, make sure you do this mask on the weekend. Also, the Clarisonic face brush (which I LOVE btw...separate blogpost will come on that in the future) is a great tool to get rid of the yellow on your face pretty fast! *You CAN skip adding the  turmeric/haldi step if you would like...esp. if you have to be somewhere and don't want your skin to be a little yellow...just make sure you def put in honey, clay, and apple cinder vinegar! 

The final ingredient to this amazing mask is of course my fav natural clay, the Aztec Indian Healing Clay Mask. You can read about all the positive things I have to say about it HERE.

What'ya need: 
-Aztec Indian Healing Clay Mask. Like This. (1/2 tablespoon)

-Turmeric/Haldi. Like This. (1/2 tablespoon) *You CAN skip this step if you would like...esp. if you have to be somewhere and don't want your skin to be a little yellow*

-Raw Honey. Like This. (1/2 tablespoon-1 tablespoon)

-Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar. Like This. (1 to 1/2 tablespoon-Depending how thick or thin you want it)

*If it looks too thin, add some more clay 
-Plastic bowl & PLASTIC spoon to mix. I also like to use a brush to apply. You can buy a similar mask bowl for a great price HERE. Make sure you use plastic as metal changes something in the clay mask. 
*You CAN skip this step if you would like...esp. if you have to be somewhere and don't want your skin to be a little yellow...but it won't turn too yellow if you only add a small amount and add more honey instead*

-Apply to skin & leave on for about 20 mins or until it dries. Make sure you moisturize your skin after washing it off because it will cause your skin to be a little dry.

Mix...mix...mix it baby! :)

The first time around it turned out a little thicker so I added a little more apple cider vinegar to thin it out a little the next time I did this mask.

I really hope you love and enjoy this mask as much as I do! If you do decide to try this mask, please share your photos with us by using the hashtag #thelipstickpantry or tagging us on facebook! :)