Tis' the season for Milani BLACK CHERRY lipstick-Review

Tis' the season to be sultry Fa la la la la la la la la....Ok I'll stop :) [Ask my husband or any of my very close family/friends & they will tell you that I turn everything into a song *literally*! I guess being a Preschool teacher is perfect for me for that reason! Haha.]

Anyways...I've been wanting a very dark colored lipstick since the trend from LAST YEAR [or the year before?] came out [I know I'm such a late bloomer!] but I never wanted to really have to spend too much on it since a color so dark is something I [personally] wouldn't wear too often! 
A few weeks back my co-blogger friend *waves to Rasmin!:)* told me to go to any drugstore to find the brilliant shine lipgloss by Milani [#04 Mauve Fetish] which is supposed to be a pretty close dupe for Kylie Jenner's signature lips [well one of them]. Of course, when I go anywhere to purchase one thing, I end up with other things. I went to CVS to pick up some medication for my hubby and of course came out with six Milani lip stuff [haha]. But you can't blame me BECAUSE they had a BOGO sale on Milani products that day! I saw this DARK looking lipstick and thought 'heck...for $3-$4 bucks...even if I hate it, I won't put a hole in my wallet!'

My thoughts on the Milani Lipstick #24 Black Cherry:

Packaging: Sleek, sturdy, and pretty

Color: Black Cherry in the lipstick tube looks VERY dark. The swatch on my wrist came out as a deep vampy red wine sort of color and the application on my lips was more of a deep red/maroon color. 

Formula: I noticed my lips slightly stained after removing the lipstick so the formula is very pigmented. It's smooth and not drying on the lips BUT I must say that it is a tad bit settling into my lip lines. Which is a downer in my opinion (but I think I have a fix for that...keep reading...]

Keep it or Leave it: For the price, I will def keep this lipstick and will probably wear it again. I did not like that it would slightly settle into the lines of my lips BUT I also was in a rush when I was putting on this lippy and taking quick photos so I did not apply lipliner OR lip primer prior to applying the lipstick. Honestly, something I have learned is that if you have issues with your lipliner or lipstick moving, I def suggest applying lip primer to your lips prior to any liner or lipstick! Especially when wearing dark lipstick colors!! So yeah...I think applying both liner and primer will def help prevent this lipstick from seeping into my lip lines & I will def try that method next time I wear this lipstick. 

Also check out other very pretty lipstick colors by Milani [ie, Plumrose, Raspberry Rush, Uptown Mauve, Sangria, Chilled Brandy, and Violet Volt...Plumrose & Sangria being two of my fav colors!] . I will also be doing a review on the Milani Lip Intense liquid lip colors [which I LoVe!] soon!  

Yay for awesome drugstore finds! :)