DIY Spice Jars

I am the QUEEN of spices. I have way too many spices for my own good...but I also love experimenting with recipes so I believe I have a good excuse to give my husband when he questions me about my draws spitting out spices! Oh! And I am Pakistani/Indian so if you are brown and are reading this, you know what I mean, lol.  

After having spices fall on my head..face...floor, I finally decided to do something about it and made these SUPER cute 4 oz spice mason jars (Thank you Raising up Rubies ). I loved this idea way more than buying a spice "rack" which can take up so much unnecessary space, ugh! Below is a quick DIY to these little lovelies. Go get your DIY on friends...this has been one of the most requested DIY posts from close friends and family! :)

What ya will need:

-4 oz mason jars [I ordered my sets from here

-Chalk Board Spray Paint [[I used this one from Walmart]

-Chalk Board MARKER. Please don't use actual "Chalk" because that will wipe off way quicker than the marker when your hands are wet. [Mine was a random one found on ebay but you can find these in arts and craft aisles at Walmart...Target...or any craft store. Also, they come in various colors but I used white]

-Large piece of cardboard or newspaper [I used cardboard because it was easy to pick it up to take back upstairs to my apartment since we spray painted the lids outside.]

-Whole buncha' spices! Also drawers! These are best for lower drawer storage as cabinets will be too high and make it difficult to read what spice you are looking for. 

What ya need to do:
Step 1: Unlid (is that even a word?) all of your jars. Put all the lids together and the rings + lidless jars somewhere to the side because you don't need the jars or the rings to the lid right now. You can paint the rings if you like but honestly that was too much work for me so I decided not to.

Step 2: Take your hand dandy chalkboard spray, lids, cardboard/newspaper, & your husband (lol jk...but in this case, my husband is super OCD/precise about such things so didn't trust me to do the simple task of spray painting myself and decided he needed to do it lol) PS: You do NOT need to spray the inside of the lids,

Step 3: Lay out all the circles/lids on your cardboard/newspaper and spray a thin layer first, wait a few seconds and do another layer, wait a few seconds and do your last layer. Use your judgement but don't make it too thick because that will cause your paint to chip off quickly. 

Step 4: Let dry for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour before writing on them with your chalkboard marker.

Step 5: (optional) I lined my drawers with yellow & white striped 12x12 square craft paper found at Hobby Lobby. I used 4 sheets per drawer and lined them up & taped in a way that you can't even tell I have four sheets in there. The stripes line up perfectly.

Also a BONUS:
Here are some inexpensive Chai & Sugar jars you can make. My husband LOVES chai, so I had to think of a cute way to keep these in my cabinet. 

Jars from Ikea ($5-$6)
Chalkboard Sticker/Adhesives from Ebay 
Used my chalkboard marker

Leave me a comment if you decide to do either of these DIY's. I would love to hear from you or see what you created! :) xoxx- Nil