Review: Sigma Makeup Brushes + Black Friday Sale!

The first step to achieving a flawless face is not just the right makeup products that work for your skin type but the right makeup brushes as well. I would put makeup brushes first over makeup products because without the right brush you won't get the most out of your makeup. It took me a few years to convince myself before I decided to invest in Sigma brushes. I've had them for over a year now & I'm shocked I didn't get them sooner. Like seriously... they're amazing and worth ever single penny. They have a lot of options on their website & it can get confusing, so I'll break it down for ya.

My makeup brushes- numbers of every brush listed at the end!

Brushes are sold as complete sets, smaller sets or individual and the brush handles come in 18K gold, copper, or chrome. The 18K gold is obviously a little pricier, followed by the copper and the chrome handled brushes are the cheapest. There is no difference in quality based on the brush handle material- all brushes are made of the exact same material. 

Complete Brush Set: The Extravaganza Chrome Complete Kit retails for $417.00 and comes with all 29 brushes the company has to offer. If you get this kit- you'll never need another makeup brush again and especially recommend it for MUA's. However, for your everyday gal who just loves makeup, I don't think you need the entire set, not that you won't get use out of it if you do decide to purchase it.
Extravaganza Copper Complete Kit retails for $472.00
Extravaganza 18K Gold Complete Kit retails for $539.00


Smaller Brush Set: Sigma offers a lot of different brush set options and the entire list with photos and details can be found here. Don't let the different names confuse you. 

-The travel kit has smaller brushes and has a number of different colors. 
-The Perfect Blend Kit and the Spot-on Concealer Kit have 6 brushes in each kit that focus on brushes that blend/conceal different parts of the face. 
-The Precision Kit has 5 brushes that mimic your fingertips when applying power/liquid makeup (ideal for MUA's). 
-If you're looking into the Precision Kit, I recommend you go ahead and get the Sigmax Essential Kit, it comes with all 5 of the precision kit brushes as well as 5 of the face brushes made of the synthetic fibers at the top so your makeup is distributed evenly across the face. 
-The Premium Kit comes with 15 brushes that cover the eyes, face & lips. Perfect for your makeup collection and you won't need another makeup brush ever agin. (Definitely look into this one)
-The Performance Eyes Kit comes with 8 eye brushes for precise application of liquid, cream or powder onto certain areas of the eyes. 
-The Extreme Color Payoff Kit comes with 6 brushes that claim to deliver a strong, pigmented application of eyeshadows, bases and liners. 
-The Essential Kit comes with 12 brushes, some are similar to the brushes included in the Premium Kit and some are different. If you're looking into purchasing these and aren't a MUA I would compare these two kits, read the details of what each brush in the sets do and make a decision of what you would use the most. 

I bought the brushes individually and will list the numbers down below. Some have complained of the brushes shedding when they wash them- I have not had that problem. I do recommend washing your brushes (& being a tad rough with them) before you use them. I use baby shampoo to deep clean my brushes. They are comparable to MAC and a lot cheaper.

Individual brushes I bought from Sigma
p.s- my brushes are everywhere right now and not clean, so instead I just pasted a copy of my receipt of the brushes I got. I can do a full face of makeup with these brushes and don't need any other brush, other than my NARS Ita brush (What I use to contour with, the price went up because it sold out, came back, sold out etc. SO GLAD I got it before it got ridiculously expensive. Worth it though!)


E05 - Eye Liner - 18K Gold

E30 - Pencil - 18K Gold

E35 - Tapered Blending - 18K Gold

E45 - Small Tapered Blending - 18K Gold

E55 - Eye Shading - 18K Gold

E65 - Small Angle - 18K Gold

F05 - Small Contour - 18K Gold

F35 - Tapered Highlighter - 18K Gold

L05 - Lip - 18K Gold

F80 - Flat Kabuki

F84 - Angled Kabuki
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What brushes did you get? Comment below!