Edible Gluten-Free Pumpkin Spice Playdough

Play dough is not only so much fun to play with (& a good stress reliever for me) but allowing children to explore with play dough allows for fine motor development, social & emotional development, creativity & imagination, language & literacy, science, math and even physical development!

Today I had my class make play dough in the art center and they loved it!! We are still pretending Fall isn't leaving us anytime soon here in the North East so we made PUMPKIN SPICE play dough (edible). And you know...now days its all about that pumpkin spice & everything nice, right? lol jk.

Below is the recipe and a few pictures from our fun craft!

What'ya need:
-Can of Pumpkin Pie Filling. Like this one HERE
-Cornstarch (any)
-Pumpkin Pie Spice. Like this one HERE

What ya need to do:
-In a bowl [I used containers since this was done in my classroom but at home you can use whatever bowl you have because it'll be easier to mix] combine pumpkin filling and pumpkin spice. Mix with hands. Then, slowly add in cornstarch and stir/mix [we used our hands :) ]. The amount of cornstarch you add with vary. I ended up adding a lot to make my "pumpkin dough" tougher. One the dough tolls into a ball without sticking, it is ready. My kiddos had lots of fun just using their senses to explore their creation!

First reaction: Ummm this is weird. LOL

Then one of my kiddos decided she wanted to paint the soft play dough on her hands. :)

 They did "try" it (its safe!) but spit it back out lol. Maybe lacking some sugar? ;) haha.

 Ta-Da! It actually turned out better then I had expected! Sorry for the lack of better pictures of the final product. I'll see if I can get some close-up photos of the playdough & post here later. 

It smells so good!! <3 
xo- Nil