Our Real Disaster

Disclaimer: I know our blog is a life & style website not focused on world matters, but writing is my outlet and I simply needed to vent. All opinions are my own. I apologize in advance if anything offensive was stated- that is not my intention in the least. Thanks, xo
Today, we woke up and went about our busy hectic schedules- continuing our lives in almost a routine.  It's Friday,  many of us around the world made plans to relax, go out with friends, maybe even go on a road trip. However you celebrate your #TGIF (thank God it's Friday), we I certainly didn't expect to come home to turn on the news to the tragedy that surrounds Beirut, Paris, Baghdad, and Japan tonight. The world needs our love and our positive vibes.

Beirut, Lebanon: 2 suicide bombings happened last night; about 30 were killed, more injured. 
Paris, France: 6 shootings, 3 bombings & at least 100+ civilians killed. More than 100 hostages. 
Baghdad, Iraq: At least 18 killed, 41 wounded in a suicide bomb attack at a funeral. 
Japan: Powerful 7.0 magnitude earthquake; a tsunami warning has been issued. 
There is an immeasurable amount of suffering in the world that we have grown numb to, not because we're heartless, but because the headlines surrounding terror attacks have become more common than we're comfortable admitting. The media will hound statistics and live feeds of the situation around the clock for weeks until something else just as evil occurs. And the cycle repeats. What's surprising is- how would we, as humans, react if the media reported each and every evil act committed around the world? The amount of human suffering going on in the world is hard to even keep track of- every day there are dozens of stories about innocent human lives being lost simply because of hate
It's equally as sad to know that the media is selective in what tragedies it chooses to focus all its energy on; I can almost guarantee many didn't know about any of the other terrorist attacks and natural disasters that occurred in other countries besides Paris tonight. Ask yourself this: Why do daily terrorist attacks in other countries not bother us as much as the one in Paris? Why is suffering anywhere considered "normal?" There are no hashtags for those countries. No global outrage, no Facebook or Snapchat filters. No media coverage. I don't say this with the intention to cause any type of discord, it's simply a harsh reality that not all terror attacks are aired on the mainstream media. In fact, there are a lot of reports that should be on the news but for a number of reasons, fail to appear. However, Twitter has become one social media platform that has been successful in bringing attention to the stories mainstream media fails to address. 
Nobody in a normal, sane state of mind would commit atrocious acts of violence unless they were so brainwashed and blinded by hate. It is so hard for me to wrap my mind around the thought process one must have behind killing someone because of the victims beliefs, race, or otherwise. Hate is the root of evil. Scary to think there are some individuals in this world that air our their grievances with an AK-47 or a bomb at a school, church, etc. 
Our real disaster is how we have been responding to evil. For reasons I cannot fathom, the number of people who blame Muslims for all terror attacks since 9/11 have been so prominent and unjustifiable. Terrorism has no religion; nor is it isolated to any one race or "type" of person. There are extremists in each religion and sadly members of these religions find themselves defending their faith and many are paying a price of verbal and physical assault for a crime they did not commit. This statement applies to people of all faiths across the globe. For myself, social media during tragedies like today are so hard to rely on for instant news updates because the chances of seeing the hatred towards my faith is 99.9%. 
Unless you've experienced being slandered and attacked for your beliefs, you cannot imagine my pain. Islam is such a peaceful religion. Lately, the rise of terrorist groups claiming their violent attacks in the name of the religion have taken over headlines with their inhumane behavior. As a Muslim, I want their demise just as anyone else- they are not human (in my opinion) nor do they represent any part of Islam. It's important to understand these murderers aren't Muslims. They're terrorists who've hijacked a religion purely for nefarious gain. Muslim refugees who fled ISIS will now be subject to Islamophobic backlash in France/Europe. Imagine- you're a terrified refugee that chose to leave everything you've worked for behind to escape a hell on Earth in order to save yourself/family, only to be victimized in a foreign country, whose language you don't even speak yet. Unfortunately, I don't think "islamophobia" will diminish unless people become educated. Until then, we, as Muslims, will be innocently victimized and stereotyped each and every time a terrorist attack occurs. That is something to be sad about.
Our real disaster is our response after the terror attacks have taken place. Everyone is so quick to pray for the victims yet displaces unwarranted hate to a new set of victims for something they had no part in- it makes no sense. In the 21st century, we need to react better. Don't let evil tear humanity apart. They (evil) have been winning. In times where we should stand together, we are ripping each other to pieces. We lose hope in humanity after something like tonight, but love can overcome evil. Believe it or not, there is far more good in this world than there is evil. Promise.
You win when you respond to hate with love.  
love is pure.
love drives out fear, hate, and violence,
as light to darkness.
you cannot inflict suffering in the name of love.  
Trust me, as someone victimized of verbal slander because of my beliefs- you would be surprised to see how long someone can continue to bash you when you're nothing but nice to them. They want to rile you up, they expect you to create a scene to further validate their uneducated beliefs but please remain calm. Remove yourself from the situation and go do some good in the world. Kind deeds balance a heavy heart. I know its unfair to remain quiet when you're wrongfully accused repeatedly, but I've learned that rising above and being the better person is far more rewarding than picking a fight with someone who will truly never see your perspective. 
later that night, i held an atlas in my lap
ran my fingers across the whole world

and whispered, "where does it hurt?"

it answered


Warsan Shire

Rasmin, #SpreadLove