Stop, Drop & Roll- New Benefit Mascara

Roller lash Vs. They're Real (above pic)

(Actual full size tube packaging vs. Sample size tube packaging)
Image source: Here & Here

Many of you probably already know about a fab cosmetic company: Benefit, aka the makers of the current no.1 selling mascara, they're real!  Recently, Benefits came out with a NEW mascara *drum roll*...the Roller Lash Mascara. This new baby is supposedly the current obsession for many curled lash loving ladies. I was able to get my hands on a sample tube so I knew I wanted to do a quick review for my readers. Below I will do a quick comparison between the original Benefits mascara they're real! & the new Roller Lash

They're real! mascara was my FAV when it first came out. I still use it here and there, but I did notice that overtime, I didn't use it as often. I started to use it mostly during "dramatic" makeup days instead of daily use. The formula of they're real! mascara is thicker, which results in more dramatic eyelashes...that I don't really need while teaching little kiddos at work..haha. Another major difference is the brush. They're real! brush is spikier. It features staggered bristles that grab close to the root, boosting length and volume. The formula is thicker and water-proof, making it impossible to come off...errr...even when removing makeup (not my fav part about this mascara). 

Roller Lash mascara is made with slightly thinner ink like formula. The brush was created with inspiration from the old-school Velcro hair rollers (remember those? haha). It has tiny hooks that catch and lift the lashes. This is supposed to give the lashes a curled effect. Also, FYI: This mascara isn't waterproof. 

Price-wise, they both retail at about $23 (or will starting February 27), which is quite a lot more expensive than drugstore mascaras, but I think they’re worth the money if you want a nice long tube of mascara in your makeup bag. 

My thoughts: I NEVER curl my eyelashes, this mascara made me wonder if I should start to :0. After testing the Roller Lash mascara on my eyelashes, I defiantly noticed a curl in my eyelashes! I never knew how nice the lashes look when curled. Another great thing was that my lashes didn't feel "stiff" like they do when I wear the they're real! mascara. Because the formula is so lightweight, it almost makes me feel like I don't have anything on my lashes but when I look in the mirror, my lashes look so fly ;) 
So I have used this mascara for about a week now and I must say...I love it!!! I love the curl that it gives me BUT the best part is that it does not leave small black drops under my eyes throughout the day!!!! Seriously, every mascara I have used, always ends up leaving SOME drops of dried up black speck of mascara under my eyes throughout the day. This one? Nope! Win! 

What I loved about it was that it did not flake AT ALL throughout the day. It kept my eyelashes soft and not "spider like" or dry. I had drama on my lashes but just enough to make me look awake and give my eyelashes personality.  

I personally think that it is worth giving this mascara a try if you are curious how it'll make your lashes look. I probably wouldn't  (would now...after using it for a week!) pay full price for it.  Currently, I have a ton of mascaras from various companies, so I am not in major need of the full size for this new one. Once I run out of all those, & I need to repurchase...I think instead of getting the ever so popular They're Real!...I will actually purchase the new Roller Lash mascara. Simply because it allows me to wear daily, no black flaking under my eyes (YAY!), and it comes off pretty easy without pulling my eyelashes when I am removing my makeup. 

Benefits will be rolling out the new mascara on February 27 at all Sephora stores and online. 

Currently you can get a FREE sample of this mascara when you buy the MARCH issue of ELLE magazine. Here. Sephora was also giving this mascara sample for free with any $25 online purchase, but looks like that deal is over (although it may come back so keep a look out on the Sephora website. Here.)