Fashion Friday: Weekly Lookbook

happy friday! I was scrolling through instagram and texting my blog partner-in-crime (Nilma), tossing ideas back and forth for the site. She made a great point- even though I may not always blog my fashion posts as often as I'd like to, I do upload #ootd (outfit of the day) photos almost daily on the gram. So why not collect this weeks photos and give you guys some inspo? It's been record breaking COLD in the south, just yesterday we had a -5 windchill (ouch!); so the first weekly lookbook on #thelipstickpantry is going to be winter edition

Lookbook #1: Long coats + Infinity scarves
When its cold outside, theres nothing easier than throwing on a hoodie but I promise you this outfit is way warmer. I grabbed my fave combat boots as of late from ShoeDazzle and paired it with a beige infinity scarf. the long coat, from F21, is perfect for the winter. All i did was add a long sleeve black tee underneath with a pair of jeans and it looks like I tried (lol) but seriously, a chic outfit that also keeps you warm
(yes please)

Lookbook #2: Anorak Jackets + Cardigans
This outfit is perfect for school, the movies, or even a shopping trip. I paired a cream cardigan and epic weekend tank I got from target with a black infinity scarf and black jeans. I added brown boots to keep me warm and my green anorak jacket i'm still (& probably will always) be obsessed with- it's just so versatile). 

Lookbook #3: Plaid Flannels + Combat Boots:
I wore this on a day where it was probably 40ish degrees, it's not exactly a winter weather outfit but it is pretty warm for those in between days when you don't want to carry around a jacket. I love, love, love flannels. They are the perfect comfort item that adds an edge to a pretty simple outfit. I usually wear them with the buttons open and a graphic tee inside and tie it around my waist when it gets too warm. 

Quick Tip: The men's section have the perfect sized flannels if you prefer them to be a little oversized. I got this one from H&M mens in xs. The "rebel" tee is Forever21

whats your favorite winter outfit that keeps you warm?
comment below!