Fashion Friday: Street Style


it's fridayyyy! not only is it the weekend, but the countdown to spring break has begun! my weekend actually started on Wednesday since all my tests this week got pushed to next week, so i've been on a Grey's Anatomy Netflix binge for the past few days, haha. 
(sidetone: if you have never seen that show- you need to go start watching it. i've watched it since it first aired in 2006 & i am always down for a rerun because it's so good. Add Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder to a list of shows to watch as well since we're talking television).

So, my iPhone storage is almost full (#annoyed) and I was on a huge deleting spree this morning when I came across these photos my friend took when she got the iPhone 6+ back in October. I checked the blog and was surprised I had never blogged about street style before. 

Don't get me wrong, as much as I love a laid back look, I love dressing super girly. I also have a problem with wearing all black (more often than I should) but I added this denim chambray with flower detailing over it and paired it with two necklaces to glam it up a bit. To top the look off, I added my favorite pair of combat boots. The boots and the edgy necklaces give this look a feminine twist on the street style trend. This is easily my favorite go-to looks to wear whenever I'm rushed and yet want to look like I tried, but still be comfortable. (if you've seen all of my #FashionFriday posts, this is a trend for me, because dressing comfy is what it's all about lol). 

-the triple layer chained necklace: H&M (duh)
-leaf necklace: forever21
-flower detailed chambray: love culture
-black tee: banana republic 
-black jeans: american eagle
-combat boots: shoedazzle 

(shoedazzle insight: when you first sign up for membership, if you make a purchase within an allotted time you get 70% off your first pair; just remember to skip every month if you don't plan on purchasing or they will charge you a membership fee)

hope you guys have been loving the #fashionfriday series, comment below if you have any ideas/looks you would like to see next! have a great weekend, xo