The Teardrop- THE Beauty Blender®

Lets be real. Who doesn't want flawless yet natural looking makeup? Let me introduce you to the BEAUTY BLENDER...which I am sure you have heard all the hype over the past year or two. I began using the little pink teardrop shaped sponge about a year and a half or so ago and I have never turned back. Never thought I would see myself spending $20 for a freakin' SPONGE...but ladies, this isn't just any sponge but a magical makeup buddy! After all of the talk, the ads, and the hype about the Beautyblender® I remember caving in one fine afternoon at Sephora and swiping my debit card with a tiny dose of guilt in my stomach but a large dose of excitement at the same time. To suppress the guilt of buying a $20 "sponge", I told myself: I'm sure I can return it if it sucks, right?(If you know me, you know that I'm a return queen for things I don't like..haha)  I want you all to jump on a BB Bandwagon and discover the magic of applying flawless that is why I decided to do this blog post. Hope it helps you! 
The Beauty Blender Series
The Beauty Blender® is a makeup application sponge. The very first one was/is a HOT PINK egg [or teardrop]-shaped sponge. They also have the pure white and a jet black sponge. Now they have a purple one too! Does the color matter? Not really. The product junkie that I am, initially I thought it did. Once I threw away my pink ones I eventually got the black one and thought at first that the original pink one was better than the black one. In all honesty, there is no difference in them besides the color.

How to use
This magical sponge lives up to its long lived hype! It can be used wet or dry but I only like using it wet/damp because for me it makes my makeup look less cakey. There are many ways to hold the BB when applying makeup, and it may take you a bit of time before you discover how to hold the sponge in order to get the best results.  I first allow it to get soaking wet under the faucet (it will expand!!) and then use a towel (I use one specifically for the BB to prevent spreading bacteria) to squeeze away water and make it damp. I usually pump a dab of liquid foundation on the back of my hand and dip my damp BB in and then (spot) apply it to the areas needing coverage in a pouncing motion. I also use it to blend my concealer. For me, the best method is to use the broad base for applying foundation and the tip for stippling makeup around the eyes and nose, where the average square sponges may not always be effective. After that, I store my Beauty Blender properly (to prevent the spread of bacteria) in its holder to let it dry. You can clean the BB with the cleaner that you can purchase ($15..ouch! I know!) but I have tried DOVE soap and my face wash to clean it before but it never seemed to clean it AS squeaky clean as the Beauty Blender Soap I just stick to the Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser. Overall, I love the beauty blender! When I went out of town recently, I FORGOT to pack it in my bag!! The entire weekend my husband EVEN NOTICED my runny not well blended makeup LOL. No joke.

The BB Cons
I had an incident with my first BB growing mold!! I used to go back and forth a lot to Atlanta to visit family over the weekends so while traveling, I would put my wet BB in it original container and forget about it on days I wouldn't wear makeup. Obviously the dampness in a container would not let it dry and eventually it GREW MOLD on it and there was nothing I could do but to throw away that baby. So make sure to store it in a place for quick drying! Another con is def the price point for the BB. Like, I KNOW it does not take $20 to make a magical sponge people...come'on! But...until I find the perfect dupe for it, I will continue to splurge on it!
The Beauty Blender Clones [Real Technique orange sponge below]
 I have tried many BB clones and honestly, nothing gave me the same finish as the original BB. The closest was probably the Real Techniques sponge (orange) found at ULTA on AMAZON. But even with that one, the texture of the sponge was just not my cup of tea. Its a good dupe I would say but def nothing as great as the BB. 
Holy Baby BB! AKA The Micro Mini Beauty Blender- Love it or Leave it? [picture below]
These tiny babies are made for precise makeup application and contouring.
Price: $17.95 for a pack of two micro mini BBs
Size: I would say that after it is wet, it expands to the size of two pennies in a row. About 1/4 the size of the original
First Impression: So cute!! [my first impression]. But after using it a few times, I honestly think one can live without this little baby if you own the regular size BB. It does help blend my concealer better in the inner corners. I have not used it to contour yet using cream contouring but I will try it soon and will update! These mini babies can be great to keep one for emergency sake in your purse...but...def nothing I would die without. If you have The Original beautyblender®, I personally feel that you do not need these mini little limelets.