The Case of the Chia

So it's no secret that whey protein shake is not my bff & I still don't LOVE drinking them before or after my workout BUT I know that somedays my body def needs it (& random fact: did you know that increasing your protein intake helps to burn more fat AND even help stop cravings!)...Well since I don't love whey protein, I'm always looking for ways to spice up my shakes to make them fun & yummy and this recipe has made its way to the top of my list. SO good! Here is a very simple, convenient & delicious protein shake recipe for those mornings on the go after your AM workout! I make this the night before bed (literally takes me 5 mins) & it's ready in the morning for me to grab straight out of the refrigerator...nice & COLD :)

-Unsweetnend Original Almond Milk (2 cups) 

-Black chia seeds (1-2 Tbls) 

-Vanilla Extract (1/2 teaSpoon- optional) 

-Protein Powder (Vanilla) (2 Tbls) 

(Optional- Add raw cacao to enhance chocolate flavor, Cinnamon on top to kick it up a notch)
In a large mason jar, mix almond milk & protein powder. Tighten the top & shake shake shake until the powder dissolves (you can use a blender bottle too if you have one). Add chia seeds (& vanilla extract if you want that extra boost of vanilla flavor) and stir well. Close the airtight bottle & store in refrigerator overnight. Grab it on the go after your AM workout or as your breakfast shake to work! 👊💪❤️