Makeup Rave: Anastasia Beverly Hills

hi guys! i have missed blogging so much, but this semester has been the craziest yet for me and i am so sorry for the lack of posts. i wanted to do a special piece about my two favorite Anastasia Beverly Hills products that are a tad pricey but boy are they worth it. i can't even find dupes because these products are straight quality, worth every penny. when i don't have these products w/ me, my makeup never seems worth putting on, LOL.

this product is actually reasonably priced, I've been using mine for the last 6 months and hardly have a dent. if you use instagram, you've seen this product all over the ladies who's brows are on fleek; i love using this to fill in my brows so that they appear thicker. currently, i'm in the process of growing them out, so this helps me cover up the growth in some areas that aren't fully covered. my amazing, coblogger Nilma recommended I use the Sigma E65 brush to apply this product and it works flawlessly. quick tip- a little goes a long way, it is very easy to over-do it. build up the product instead of piling it on and then trying to tone it down. don't forget to finish off with some brow gel!

THE Contour Kit, $40
i'm screaming YES when people ask me if this kit is worth it. the powders are soft, finely milled, and pigmented. i bought this about 3-4 months ago at Sephora.
*sand is slightly shimmery, good for under the
brow highlight

This kit comes in 3 shades: light, medium, dark. I bought the one in light and my MAC shade for reference is NC35-40/NARS (Stromboli), however I have seen this shade look good on women who have deeper skintones than mine (if they use banana as the highlight). Because the kit comes with 3 highlight & contour colors, the tones will range depending on which kit shade you buy.

the top row has 3 highlight colors: vanilla, banana & sand
the bottom row has 3 contour colors: fawn, java & havana

i like to mix java & a little bit of fawn most of the time. i will sometimes use only java. these powders are pigmented, so blend blend blend blend blend- or you're gonna look crazy- the opposite of contoured.

what brush do i use? i use my Nars Ita, $55 brush (i bought 2 of these when they were much cheaper, but after being sold out everywhere for months, they restocked the brushes & hiked the price up). it doesn't shed and maintains its shape, making contouring super easy- so it is worth it.
cheaper alternatives: EM Ihatake Brush | Real Techniques 301 | Hoola Bronzer brush

 is the entire kit needed? no, not necessarily. i don't use any of the other colors besides banana (highlight), java & fawn (contour). however- they didn't sell individual pan refills when i first purchased. lucky for you, if you visit their website here: contour refill pans, $14 you can purchase the colors you need for highlighting/contouring & store them in a magnetic makeup palette, saving you a few bucks. plus, online they have a lot more color ranges to choose from than what's offered in the contour kits; so you'll be able to get shades that complement your skin the best.

happy glamming,
rasmin xo