Acai Protein Shake + Smoothie

Hi friends! It's been quiet around here so really pushed myself & my co-blogger Rasmin to get at least two posts up for you guys to enjoy this week. Please make sure to check out her awesome MUST READ post on two of her current favorite make-up products HERE! In the mean time, while you are shopping online for those two products that you just must get right now ;) , why not sip on some shake? That is...a protein shake.

This post is for you if you are like me and don't like the taste of whey protein powders.

What EXACTLY is whey protein? Whey it is basically a mixture of proteins "isolated" from whey. Whey is the liquid part of milk that separates during cheese production and is found in the watery portion of milk.

Due to my hormonal intolerance with dairy, I try not to have too much protein powder in my daily routine (still on the hunt for a perfect non-dairy alternative to regular whey protein...if you know of any that doesn't taste like poop, please share!)....but I have also gone back to putting a little bit of dairy back in my life (and so far I have had no problems doing that) so this works out. I usually drink a glass of the shake after some strength training workouts but many times I used to hate it but also knew that my muscles would love me for it, so I thought, why not jazz it up a little by adding in some berries or ACAI JUICE to it? 
Now, you don't really want to add the juice directly. Instead, what I love to do is freeze Acai juice in ice cube treys (sometimes I also freeze almond milk to throw in my shake/smoothie). Many times, Acai juice comes on sale at local grocery stores, so when that happens, I jump on it. Basically that's it! To make your shake thicker and more into a smoothie, add ice cubes or more acai juice cubes or almond milk cubes. Sometimes I also like to throw in some frozen berries to have the ultimate berry-delicious shake as well as bananas and/or other fruits. If protein powders are not incorporated in your diet/routine, don't fret because you can defiantly skip it and still make a refreshing acai and berry mix shake or smoothie and get all the anti-oxidant benefits.

Ps- I have gotten so many requests on doing a smoothie-prep post so as summer is approaching, I will have a detailed (and easy) DIY smoothie prep post as soon as possible.