Welcome to The Lipstick Pantry, Nilma & Rasmin's personal life & style blog where we are taking our passion for all things fashion, beauty, food, fitness and more. Get a sneak peek of who we are with our individual intro's down below and thank you for stopping by! 

Hello! My name is Rasmin - like Jasmine but with an R -  I'm a 23-year old college student working towards a degree in Clinical Health Informatics. I am passionate about photography, an artistic edge I got from my dad. But I’ve also been around inspirational, fashionable women my entire life so it's no surprise that I'm also a makeup + fashion enthusiast. My mom used to design her own clothes so that each piece of hers was unique than those around her, so i guess you can say I got it from my mamaMy love for writing, photography, & fashion became the perfect fusion to start the life + style blog, TheLipstickPantry. In my spare time, I enjoy giving back to those around me, doing what I can to combat world hunger and bringing awareness to human trafficking. I hope to use this space to empower women to do whatever it is they love and to do it well. Being comfortable in your own skin is a long journey - one I am still going through myself - but if I am able to help even one fellow girl boss  live true to themselves and their passions with confidence - I will have succeeded. Much love, xo

Hello! My name is Nilma! I'm a school teacher, National Academy of Sports Medicine certified fitness trainer, amateur chef, food & fitness enthusiast and currently a sports and lifestyle nutrition student. I earned my bachelors and masters degree in the Education field but over the past three years, through my own "self-search", I found a true passion for another style of teaching: Teaching, motivating and guiding people to live a healthy, fit and sustainable lifestyle through exercise and proper food choices.  Though I still enjoy teaching my teeny-tots, on my free time, I like to shift my attention to using my fitness trainer and nutrition knowledge to help and guide others. I strive to empower, inspire, motivate and guide women (and men) of all ages to achieve a healthy lifestyle, physically and mentally. I hope to use this space to share as many recipes and helpful fitness advice for my readers to incorporate into their own lifestyles.