Nutty Protein Smoothie

One of the biggest mistakes people often make during Ramadan fasting is that they lack sufficient amount of nutrients that their bodies require on a daily basis. Yes, we "feast" during Iftaar, but unfortunately, in some homes these feasts include no nutrient dense food or the daily macronutrients that help our bodies stay healthy: Carbs, Protein, & Essential Fats.
If you feel that your Ramadan lacks some healthy "pick me up's" then give this delicious nutty protein shake/smoothie a try! Since I am fasting and am not eating as many meals as I normally do to get the appropriate amount of protein in my body, I try to add this smoothie as an addition to my post-iftaar snack. It is cold, smooth, creamy & yummy.

You Will Need:
-1-1.5 Cups of (Unsweetend) Almond Milk
-1 Tablespoon of Almond Butter
-1 scoop of your favorite protein powder (for this particular smoothie, I enjoy some type of peanut butter flavored protein powder--I use Impact Whey Protein flavor "Peanut Cookie" by MyProtein. Here
-1 medium banana (sliced and frozen)
-Blender or Magic Bullet

*Put everything in your blender until smooth. Put shake in freezer for about 20 minutes or more if you want it thicker, more like a smoothie instead of a shake.

Enjoy & Ramadan Kareem from the TLP team!
xo- nilma