Milani Lip Intense Liquid Lip Paint

Alright, so this blog post as been WAY overdue (pending since...October I think! Ouch! Sorry guys!!) I had it started, photos taken, swatches etc but never finished the blog post to publish. Life just takes over sometimes, ya know?! Well finally, here it is! 

So I grabbed these beautiful Milani Lip Intense Colors a while back when I was picking up a prescription at the pharmacy. Ok, don't even act like you guys don't grab random things from drugstores while you wait on the pharmacy to fill your prescription ;) *Bonus: These were BOGO so I paid about $6.49 for TWO...score!

My main reason to grab these was because they reminded me so much of the popular (& not so cheap) Too Faced Melted Lip Stains. Lets take a quick peek at my first impression on these little babies:

Packaging: Simple yet vibrant. Plastic flat tube. Nothing too special. I do appreciate the soft application stick which gives more control when applying instead of a tube like the Too Faced Melted.

Colors: Red Extreme, Pink Rave, Fiery Coral, Violet Addict (I didn't get Violet Addict because I already had the Too Faced Melted in Violet and the two colors looked VERY similar...and also because violet is not a color I would wear THAT often so didn't want to have two similar colors). 

Formula: Smooth, non-sticky, Drys quick. I did notice that after wearing it for about 6 hours, it faded some and I had some slight dry lines on the upper & bottom corner of my lips. In my opinion, no biggy. For the price, the formula feels identical to the Too Faced Melted and applies effortlessly. These also remind me of NYX matte lip cream but possibly slightly silkier. It's not exactly matte, but it does have a hint of shine. Also another thing, they do "bleed" a little if you don't use a lip primer and anti-feathering pencil (it's basically a clear wax pencil that you apply on the outline of your lips)...I had mine for a while now (from Sephora) but Milani also makes one to go with this lippies HERE.

Should I go buy it? If you don't want to splurge on the Too Faced Melted but still want something similar for a much cheaper price then yes, I'd say go for it. If you like a pop of color, get these! I will def use these more often than I had originally expected to...and mix it up with some of my higher-end lipsticks to change up the color/formula a bit.

Color: Pink Rave #2
*To me this sort of reminds me of "Girl About Town" by Mac. It's a beautiful bright pink.

Color: Fiery Coral #3
*To me, this color is more of a Barbie pink vs CORAL (whomp! whomp!) Not sure why they would name this "coral". Nonetheless, it's a beautiful super Reese Witherspoon type of color ;)

Color: Red Extreme #1
*This is a classic hot cherry red tone. It's bright but does fade out a little throughout the day so I like to mix it with my Dior Addict in "Pandore" during a recent outing that I wore it...went perfect with my holiday red dress! <3

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and New Year!